About this Blog

The Sports.Punk, the narrator of this blog, is - probably like you – a regular all-day employee, who practices sport in his free time.


I do this sport on amateur level. This means I participate in competitions, mainly cycling races and triathlons. This means I have to keep my performance on a high level. On these pages I talk about my training. Because with my day to day responsibilities in job, family and more, there is actually not much space left for training. How I cope with this limited amount of time for sport and the high goals I have in it, this is the topic of this blog! Read on, to find reports of my trainings and to find out how you can improve yours.


Additionally, my interest lies in sustainably and ethically produced sports goods. Because also the sporting goods industry needs to change, since our planet requires change on all frontlines.


As an endurance athlete, however, I request high performance from myself. Therefore I also request high performance from the sportswear that I use. Therefore Iam constantly on the search of sustainable and fair sportswear, that fits the skills of actual sportswear. That means that the garment is breathable, meaning it transfers sweat to the outside, it fits to my bodysize and in the case of winter or bad-weather sportswear: It is waterresistant and warming.


I know that these are tough skills. Usual sportswear brands have a hugh range of clothes that fulfill these skills. But they are not sustainable, because they are produced far away from the consumer and so the social and environmental circumstances are often critized, e.g. by the Clean Clothes Campaign, Fair Wear Foundation and many many more.


I, as Sports.Punk, want to change that situation. And I know there are ever more and more companies that provide sportswear that feeds my needs of high performance sportswear that is produced under fair and sustainable conditions. Exactly these products are on my focus and I report about them on my blog.


So, if you are interested in fair sportswear, check out my sites! If you find a product on the market, that I should mention here, Iam very grateful, if you let me know in the commentaries or my different social media channels.