My power data at ITU World Triathlon

As Chris Froome during the Tour de France, I have also decided to publish my power data from my best race up to now in 2015: The 40k timetrial of the relay race in the ITU World Triathlon in Hamburg.

This might sound funny to you and it also is: I don´t do it because people claim I dope. Also once you see my power values, you will see how low they are compared to Chris Froome. I just want to show you the difference between me and professinal riders and also untrained leasure bikers. Therefore I took my power data from the 40km timetrial race during the ITU Triathlon in Hamburg and compared these values to Miguel Indurain, to Chris Froome and to hobby bikers.

The 40k timetrial during the ITU Triathlon is a very good opportunity to make such comparisons for one reason: I needed only one minute more than one hour. A one hour cycling competition, where you have to push your maximum power constantly, is called the Functional Threshold Power or FTP in short. This means the average power during this race is a good comparison to other riders.

Therefore I chose as comparison Miguel Indurain during his attempt to break the World Hour Record in Zürich. Also a one hour race, as the name displays already ;-) Miguel Indurain maintained an astonishing 510 Watts during his fight against the clock. This is exactly the double of my power output during the ITU timetrial in Hamburg! This data is taken from

Also the power data from Chris from is a tough one. According to his Team Sky webpage, he still had a power output of 373Watts during one hour during stage 12 Plateau de Beille. But this is what makes the difference between a professional and amateur racer like me. 

Iam still happy with my average of 255Watts during this hour at the ITU World Triathlon. Consider that Iam only an amateur and working fulltime on my job in the office. So my training schedule is only a portion of the one of professionals or even other amateur racers. In the end I still was the ninth fastest guy during this race.

That my race was not that bad is also highlighted comparing my power data with the one of a hobby biker. This average values I attained from my former coach Dr. Achim Schmidt. He is researcher in the field of cycling training and once published these values as an interesting comparison between pros and leisure biker. This makes clear, I can be happy with the race and Iam.

The graph above is a rough display of my power data at the ITU race. If you are interested in a more detailed view check out this from Garmin Connect:

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