ITU Triathlon Hamburg

Right in front of my door a triathlon is happening. Of course, I join that race. It is not any triathlon but the biggest one in the world, the ITU Hamburg Triathlon. So it’s almost an obligation to start. But a very nice one. Also, this year for the first time I only do cycling.

What? Only cycling? How come that you call that one a triathlon?

-I start in the relay competition. That means the three triathlon disciplines are run by three distinct people, our team.


The team is Phil as our speedy swimmer. The readers of the Sports.Punk – blog know him from my last report about the Equipe BiteBox at the Gran Fondo around the Schlei. I am sure he will finish the 1,5km swim in the leading batch.

I, Sports.Punk, will push hard then over the 40km time trial and Rapid Jörg finishes with a 10k run.

Follow our race


Raceday is this Sunday the 19th July and via Facebook you can follow us on every step we get closer to the finish line. Just open this link: Click here to follow us (Live Tracking)

All 3 are fit and keen to give it all on Sunday. So tune in and check out if all the training can be brought to the street (and into the water, in Phil’s case).


Additionally, there will be a race report about the ITU Triathlon on this blog and I will let you know how the race went from our point of view.


Training in the last days and FTP


What did I do ultimately to get into shape for the 40k timetrial?


-Go to my next blogpost...

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