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Many things happened ultimately in the life of the #sportspunk. His training is developing upwards. But this was not the all time. Life goes up and down. Sports.Punk included. Finally competitions started and many more are awaited. Which ones count with the participation of the #sportspunk? ...Read on!

I start with the downs to let the things that one should better forget I can directly forget ;-) In fact there was only a small down that brought my training to hold. I got infected by a virus. However, after two weeks of break it was gone so I could go on. That´s what happens I brings you down to earth again ;-)

Another event that interrupted my training -but in a positive way- was a trip to China. For the job I visited our colleagues there and came back with a bag full of super interesting experiences. I like to go there alot. But it will as well stay ever a different world for me.

Then finally I started supported by my girl into the much awaited trainingcamp in Mallorca. Well indeed it was a couples holiday with a lot of cycling and triathlon training. Sadly, this year´s training camp one month before happened without my girl and me. The reason that we could not join our friends, mostly the Team Europe WBR and l'equipe BiteBox (see in the ad at the right what BiteBox is), was a supposedly important job that in the end turned out to be not that important. Whatever, that´s how life goes and in the end I spend a perfect sporty week with my girl.

She also made many kilometers on the bike on that beautiful island. The weather was so nice that the excuse of bad weather did not count ;-) Additionally, we discovered beautiful Mallorca with a motorbike in the afternoons.

A wonderful story happened when a small tiny turtle crossed the street when we passed by on our bikes. I posted that story about the small turtle guy on Instagram:

This is the pic I posted of our small friend on Instagram. This is what I wrote in the story:
This is the pic I posted of our small friend on Instagram. This is what I wrote in the story:

In the end we had a great time and did a lot of sports. Mostly, I switched my training back to triathlon training. Meaning that in the months before I focussed only on cycling measuring now also my performance in Watt. While focussing on biking I wanted to improve my strongest triathlon sport. However, with the first triathlon competitions approaching, I used the week in Mallorca to get back into the water and also use my legs for running.

This also means that I switched in my training plan to the schedules for time crunched triathletes from Chris Carmichael and his Carmichael Training System (CTS in short). Here I describe this training method and the book in German.

More pictures and videos from the training camp in Mallorca you find on Instagram and on the foto page of this blog.

The next competitions

As introduced Iam looking forward a ton to the upcoming events. I will not leave out to present you these events. Probably it motivates you to race as well or better we meet there at the startline or you just come over to cheer:


31/5/15 - Garmin Velothon, Berlin:

This sunday will be the entré into competitions with a cycling race. The plan was to unite the Team Europe of World Bicycle Relief their. Sadly, London had to cancel its trip. We will keep flags up for our missing comrade. So this year seems to evolve difficult to find an event for meeting the entire team. Anyways, the Garmin Velothon in Berlin was already last year a great race. Hopefully the weather is better this time. We push through the 120km distance and it will certainly be a good training for my bike power. You will later find a nice race report on this blog.


7/6/15 - Vierlanden Triathlon, Hamburg (The video race report is now online):

My first triathlon will be at the Vierlanden Triathlon close to Hamburg. It is not a part of the Triathlon Landesliga Hamburg but it´s a perfect training for the following competition:


14/6/15 - Stadtparktriathlon, Hamburg:

Last year I had a lot of fun at this one and so Iam looking forward to the first triathlon in the regional comp series. Check out my foto page from last year´s race.


28/6/15 - SCI Triathlon, Itzehoe:

Also a lot of fun was last year´s triathlon in Itzehoe near Hamburg. So as it is part of the Landesliga Hamburg and because of a nice race I will go there as well. So up to now all are short Sprint distances.


However, Iam planning to start at the German Championship in Cross Triathlon in Zittau. This race will be a Olympic Distance race but cross-country. Man, I participated in the 2013 championships in Schalkenmehren already. At that time my fitness was not that good and still I enjoyed it alot. It´s very hard and technically quite tough but still great fun. The sport is still very unknown but because it´s also interesting for the audience I guess soon it becomes very popular. Check out my pics from the race in Schalkenmehren or Hamburg.


Of course, there will be race reports and a ton of pics and videos about my races in 2015. Stay tuned on my blog and let me know your comments! Do you also start at one of the mentioned competitions?

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