Fashion Revolution Day

On April 24th it is Fashion Revolution Day as every year. So ask your favourite sportswear brand #whomademyclothes

Sports.Punk will join the campaign asking a small German sportswear brand specialized on running garments.

At this place and time, however, I don´t reveal its name. This will be published only at 24th April.

Therefore I describe a bit the brand: The producer focuses his production on made in Europe. Therefore most of the garments are really produced in Italy and Germany.

Sports.Punk has tested this sportswear already and is very very happy with the quality (this article is in German, sorry for that). 

Concerning the focus of the fashion revolution day the way of producing most of the garments of this brand in Europe guarantees automatically fair salaries to the worker besides delivering workplaces in Europe with jobs. Furthermore environmental standards are generally higher than in the usual areas of huge sweatshops.

On the Fashion Revolution Day you will see the brand and discover more.

So take part in the Fashion Revolution as well, raise your voice and ask your favorite sportswear brand #whomademyclothes. The details you find at

Sports.Punk asks 'whomademyclothes

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    Jutta aus Bonn (Mittwoch, 22 April 2015 21:04)

    Liebe Sports Punk Team,
    Das ist eine super Idee mal in sich zu gehen. Vor allem die großen Marken in eine Richtung zu weisen und diese Frage zu stellen, wo eigentlich unsere Produkte her kommen, empfinde ich als einen guten Ansatz. Ich bin ein Fan von euren Berichte und möchte hiermit ein Lob loswerden! Weiter so! Danke und viele Grüße, Jutta

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    Sportpunk (Sonntag, 26 April 2015 09:29)

    Check out my Instagram account to find the response from André Kossmann on my question:

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    Elvis (Samstag, 02 Mai 2015 17:50)

    Toller Blog! Schaut doch auch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei!
    <a href=""></a>