First race in 2015

Now Iam fully training according to training plans by Carmichael Training Systems. After reading the book "The time crunched triathlete" by Chris Carmichael, the former coach of Lance Armstrong, I changed my training approach. How? Well, this is what I gonna tell you right now:

The book helps me to do effective training and achieve my sports goals in triathlons and cycling races even though I have a fulltime job and want to spend time with my spouse. Hence sports is important in my life but sadly enough not always priority number one. This means training changed in that way, that in the same time or even less I will achieve more. It doesn´t seem like magic or bullshit to me.


The approach is to put from start on many and hard intervals into the short training sessions. This is exactly what I did differently in the past. In the past I trained to put first long endurance sessions as a base layer upon which very late in the season I began to put intervals with increasing power. However, those intervals didn´t have such an importance as they started to have with my new schedules.


I find this interesting and convincing. Therefore I try it out this year and will let you know how I progress. Additionally, I am mixing up a bit the training schedules for triathletes and cyclingsts. This I do due to the fact that during the first months of the season there are more cycling races posted than triathlons. Then later in the spring I´ll swith to the triathlon schedules. Let´s see how this worx...

Training with powermeter

Carmichael also convinced me finally to purchase a powermeter for my bike. With the help of the powermeter I believe to make my training more effective. A powermeter gives me concrete data about my performance. Whereas measuring heartrate is influenced by many factors like exertion, sickness, etc. But performance (measured in Watts) simply tells me how much power I bring onto the street.

As powermeter I chose the Garmin Vector S pedals. First the price was a reason. Second, the pedals can easily be dismounted and changed onto different bikes. This is impossible when you choose a crankset as powermeter. Probably the measurement is not as exact. But for my purposes -also only measuring on the left pedal- this is encompassing.

Already in my first training sessions with intervals I realized the difference with a powermeter. While in the first interval it was relatively easy for me push an average of 300 Watts within the lower part of the heartrate zone for this interval, my pulse was already in the second interval in the upper heartrate zone or above pushing an average of 270 Watts. In the third interval my pulse went even higher and with it above the aimed heart rate zone.

This showed me very clearly the effect of exertion. So for the next time I tried to be around 280 Watts from the beginning on and with this I found the perfect watt zone for this kind of interval. Moreover it showed me that power is what I want to achieve and heartrate varies alot.

This is picture of my pedals that I posted on Instagram:

Sports.Punk training on the Garmin Vector S pedals

To see more of my #sportspunk pics simply click my Instagram account:

Now: My first roadbike race this year

In the headline I promised to talk about my first race experience in 2015. Now it´s time for it:

It was a nicely organized road race one hour car drive from Hamburg, called Giro Nortorf. The course was a 10k circuit. So it fell already into the category of a real road race. Due to the area it was very flat. So I thought that even though Iam still in the beginning of my training schedule I wanted to take the chance and start.

My race support was Robert. Thanks to him I had chance to prepare well even though the weather was truly ugly. But at start time the rain stopped, so at least the street became dry. It was a big peloton even though it was limited to 120 starters. This number was reached for sure.

My rece experience wasn´t of a long time. Nevertheless, I met someone of my local club and from my former club, which are both in Cologne and thus far away from the event´s location. Even though I didnt spend so much time in the peloton, it was a great thing to be back in the race and moreover it was good training. As mentioned before I was convinced to not sustain the entire distance of 100kilometers. Plus on the day before we had an incredible party night on the Hamburg Kiez. This is what the others for sure didn´t enjoy.

To share my experience at Giro Nortorf I put a small video made by Robert. Let me know in the comments once you find me in the video:

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    Denis (Dienstag, 31 März 2015 21:48)

    Cool! Hut ab bei dem Wetter trotz allem in Nortorf gewesen zu sein