How to: Connect Runtastic with Runtastic Orbit

These few steps connect your Runtastic Orbit with the Runtastic app.

Once you connected it, your Runtastic Orbit is not just an activity-tracker but also a running watch.

You will have useful information like time, distance, pace and more on the Runtastic Orbit´s display during the whole run. Your smartphone tracks the data, but you won´t need it during the run. So leave it just in your pockets and your Runtastic Orbit stays connected to it via Bluetooth.

Here´s how:

How to connect the Runtastic Orbit with the Runtastic-app. Explained shortly at





Before starting your Runtastic app, please check that Bluetooth is activated. Then, within the Runtastic app tip on the three stripes in the upper left corner of the app.








Then you go to “Settings”. (By default my Runtastic is in German, which I cannot change. So, please apologize.)

Connecting Runtastic Orbit to its app @








Then simply click or “tip” on “Runtastic Orbit”

How to: Connect Runtastic Orbit with the Runtastic-app:







In this screen you can first activate the connection between Runtastic Orbit and the app and thereafter chose which data will be displayed during a running session with Runtastic on the Orbit

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  • #1

    David (Dienstag, 10 Februar 2015 22:45)

    Thanks for explaning that. Great, it was quite helpful and I can go ahead.

    Saludos de Barcelona;)


  • #2

    Kevin (Freitag, 17 Februar 2017 14:46)

    Do you have to bring your phone along while running so that the app is able to detect how many kilometres I have ran. I just acquired a new unit so I left my phone in the hse and ran and found the kilometre was 0 and the calories info is 90 I ran about 3km