An athlete's full breakfast

Over the last months I have created and further improved my own morning muesli. The idea rose by observing companies like mymuesli becoming ever more famous and by discovering the high nutritious value for an athlete of a complex muesli. Therefore I reveal to you how to prepare an easy but absolutely nutritive breakfast for sportsmen:

I have seen a lot of shit breakfast tipps scrolling through the internet or Pinterest. To make one thing clear beforehand: A healthy and nutritive breakfast is the most important meal not only for sportsmen but for everybody who cares a little bit for her/his health. Additionally, I grew up starting the day with a good breakfast since ever. This is something that burns into your head. So for me a day without getting any breakfast is already lost by its start.

Working in a regular day job, however, I do not have too much time to spend preparing a breakfast. This will be the struggle of many sportsmen: The daily timeschedule is narrowly managed, so that nutrition needs to be an automatized process. But I can tell you that with some organization healthy nutrition is still possible.


This time I will start with the breakfast and my solution for the mentioned problems is my personal muesli. I will show you how to prepare it. So you have it prepared for around two weeks. The morning you eat it, you just put everything together. It will work really fast and still you have the (in my eyes) most healthy and nutritious breakfast ever.


The ingredients that I will talk about are no must. Even I vary with things I put into my "Sports.Punk - muesli". That makes my daily breakfast more interesting. Also starting the day by breaking a routine makes you more creative, studies have proven ;-) Therefore I suggest the same to you: Put into your musli-bowl whatever you like. this depends also on your mood of each day. Your body best knows what it needs. So try also to listen to your body.


This is actually also proven in scientific studies: The human body is really able to tell you what it needs. So when you get up in the morning and put the things together put off your smartphone with all the super smart apps. Just listen to your body. Of course it is also helpful to have a basic knowledge about what food contains which nutrients. The internet is a perfect place to gain knowledge in this area.


And Iam totally convinced that nutrition is almost as important as training. Plus -I tell it on and on again- the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This means the better (in quality and quantity) you eat in the morning, the more power you have throughout the day. As endurance athlete, I need carbohydrates. the best time for this is the morning breakfast. Why? -Simply because you still have the whole day to burn these.


Let´s get it started


In the following I explain the two steps necessary to create your own muesli. Of course you can buy readymade muesli in the shop. The advantage of your own muesli however is:

1. It contains more nutrients and therefore is healthier

2. It contains the nutrients that you need

3. It is your own creation

4. It is cheaper with these nutrients, because over the time you improve and find places better prices for each nutrient (Think about the fact that you do the work of assembling something. This is work that you pay for if you don´t do it in a fair market situation)


The two steps are 1. preparation of the jar with the muesli itself and 2. the everyday (or morning) putting-it-all-together-"ceremony".

1. The jar

As I said, I prepare a kitchen jar like the one in the picture and fill it with ingradients. This will be my "Sports.Punk - muesli". With this jar I survice for around two weeks of daily muesli:

The jar used for the Sports.Punk - muesli. See more at
The jar used for the Sports.Punk - muesli

Now I tell you what I put normally as basics into the jar. Again these ingredients have proven to be tasty and moreover healthy for me. If you have other needs, that´s absolutely fine. Just take my approach of mixing stuff together and call it the "Sports.Punk - muesli" as an idea and make your own. That´s absolutely cool and even better for you.

As a basis I put a normal (chocolate) muesli that you can buy at any store. I prefer to use muesli from the brand Egle, which is a German delivery service for healthy food. However, I am not promoted by them and you can also take any muesli even from a discounter. Just my advice: To take one with as few simple sugars as possible. Everything below 25g or even 20g per 100 Grams is good.


This basis puts with its many kinds of oats already some long-chained carbohydrates and fibers plus lots of proteines and minerals.


I put around 150gr into the jar of this basis.

Then we add around 80-100gr of (golden) flex seed. They contain firstly alot of unsaturated longchained Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats have many positive effects for your body cells and its development. Additionaly flex seeds contain alot of fibers, which is good for the digestion.

The next ingredient for our own muesli is wheat bran. This is a waste product from the production of wehat flour and has a very high digestive effect. Wheat bran is further rich in vitamins B and E. Vitamins B are mostly responsible for recovering, because they help rebuild bodycells. Whereas vitamin E is an antioxidant and thus fights for your body defending your immunesystem from free radicals.

Then I add ca. 50 gr more pure oat flakes. Why do I add these, when I also put muesli which contains normally oat flakes? –I just want to make sure there are enough of these nutritive flakes in my muesli. Oat flakes contain alot of longchained carbohydrates which are essential for endurance sports. But they also carry huge amounts of proteines with them, which is important for the power in sports. Besides many vitamines they mainly cover your daily demand in vitamin K and the half of it of vitamin B1.


The reason for why I almost fall in love with oat flakes is also their high value of magnesium and other mineral nutrients they carry. Magnesium is like the fuel for your muscles. It makes your muscles work hard.

At this I cannot explain it in detail, but yes, mag is essential especially for endurance sports.


Besides other micro elements oat flakes usually such a high iron amount comparable to meat. Iron is essential in sports since it carries the oxygene in your blood tot he muscles.

Further I add 30-40gr of sunflower seeds. These well-known seeds are also rich in unsaturated fats plus calcium, iod and magnesium. It also contains a variety of healthy vitamines oft he B-class and E, F and A. The last one helps your body create red blood cells (erythrocytes). They make you fast!

Last but not least I put around 25gr of mashed walnuts as basic ingredients into the „Sports.Punk – muesli“. Why that? I discovered that walnuts -besides delivering you with high amounts of calories- help recover what training destroyed by rebuilding bodycells.

Walnuts also contain copper that supports building red blood cells. Besides these, it contains more healthy stuff. So...into our muesli as well.

2. Step: Putting it all together


With step 1 we have prepared our basic „Sports.Punk – muesli“. Now you just put like 3 spoons of it into a bowl. I further put 1-2 spoons of yogurt and the same amount of curd cheese (Quark). Yogurt is good fort he digestion and curd is rich in proteines. To make it more liquid finish putting some milk, which contains alot of calcium.


As I said, it´s up to you to vary with the ingredients. Sometimes I also put cacao into the muesli or even honey or fruits.

With these simple steps we prepared our daily and very healthy sports breakfast! Try it out and make your individual adjustments.


As always I am happy to hear about your adjustments to it and other comments! Or do you have other healthy breakfast habbits? Please let me know in the comments. You can as well use any oft he konwn social media channels by adding #sportspunk

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